Character Creation

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Ability Rolls
In some people’s experience, there is no such thing as luck. Because of this, Dark Galaxy uses planned generation for character ability scores. The following table will help with determining everything. Each character will start with 30 points to distribute. You must use all of the points or they will be lost.

Score Cost Score Cost Score Cost
8 0 12 4 16 10
9 1 13 5 17 13
10 2 14 6 18 16
11 3 15 8

All affiliations are allowed, but please bear in mind that (for the most part) your character needs to work well with his group. Any affiliation that could damage this, like an open CIS Agent in a group of Republic Soldiers, could make this difficult.

Available Species
Most, if not all species, are available. Ewoks are not known at this point, but if you have a good enough reason then the GM will accept it.

Available Classes
All base and prestige classes are available.

Starting Wealth
As in the Core book for your starting class at level one, plus 2 thousand more credits.. Your character is also entitled to one, free family heirloom or item of personal significance that you do not have to pay for. It must be able to be carried on your person and should not exceed 1000 credits.

Starting Experience Level
Characters must be created to be level 2.

Myth Weavers
Please record your character at the Myth Weaver’s site. Make sure you have a link to your character on your Obsidian Portal character page.

Notable Exceptions
None currently known.

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Character Creation

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