The Holonet

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Persons and Beings of Interest

The galaxy is full of people, droids, androids, monsters, midgets, and much much more. Here is a database dedicated to important “persons” that you have met along your travels.

Places of Note

Space is vast and dark and only occasionally are there small points of light that are known as “stars” in Galactic Basic. All known planets orbit stars and thats where most civilization can be found. This database will inform you about important places in the galaxy.

Groups and Organizations

One person can rarely change the course of history. Multiple people acting together are capable of so much more. This database covers the known organizations of the Galaxy as they are encountered.

Ships and Vehicles

From speeders to capital starships, this database stores all of the vehicles encountered along with any other relevant information.

Equipment and Technology

Skill will only get one so far; sometimes all you need is a good blaster at your side or tools to slice into a computer. This database will outline many tools and tech that are used in the galaxy.

The Holonet

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